Learning a new language – A door to a new world!!!

“Avoir une autre langue
C’est posséder une deuxième âme”

Some days before I came across this French expression. It means that “Having knowledge of another language is like possessing a second (another) soul” or literal translation can be “To have another language, it is to possess a second soul”.

After reading it, I have fallen in love with this expression as soon as I read it and my heart set itself in the rhyme of the words, its sound, and its texture. I might have read this many time, but that day it gave me a very special feeling. I could feel the words because I am also learning a new language and now it has been woven in my life. Learning this adorable and romantic French language is one of the best experiences of my life. In the above expression, the meaning of the word “âme” is “soul”, “heart” or “life”. So true, when we learn any language of the world, it’s like having another life within. Because we not only learn thousands of words but it’s a key to gain access to enter into a whole new terrain (land), new culture, ways of thinking, differences and similarities at the same time between them and what not!

If I talk about my own experience, learning the French language has been a very memorable and pleasant journey for me. Yes, true- it’s a “journey” for me. The journey from discovering a whole new world to finding my passion in life. I started learning like an enthusiast and a language lover. It all started with a,b,c,d, and the journey began…It gave me a fresh beginning in life and once again my student life commenced. Initially, I found that what it is? It’s something bizarre. Why they don’t speak last letters and why there are so many exceptions to the rule? Why these types of rules? And why so many complexities? Hahaha…but petit à petit (slowly and steadily), I have started enjoying the words, its sound, the way it has been spoken and its expressions. Now, it has become an important part of my life.

During this exploration, I met new people, made new friends and plunged into the whole new world – not only the external world but an internal world as well. According to me, when we meet many people from different backgrounds and cultures, “we” as a person also start growing from within and our vision expands. Our way of looking at life and life situations changes and positivity starts manifesting in our life. We come to know about new “us” and that awareness helps us growing ahead in. At a times, our thoughts get challenged, our traditional way of thinking breaks (these thoughts are generally those ones which empêche us, which limit us to go further may be in the form of negative thoughts) and gradually our acceptance level improves and increases. In this sense, when our entourage (surroundings) changes positively, our very own world starts to change alongside, it doesn’t mean that we keep on changing every now and then (not good and not required to be changed every time, otherwise we will lose our identity) but it adds value to our life, which is the most important outcome of this whole learning process.

Apart from personal evolution, as I said, acquiring new skills and especially a knowledge of a new language, we uncover many similarities in cross border cultures. There are plenty of French words that have been adopted by the English language. Besides, we unearth the existence of the same french (other foreign languages) expressions, proverb or words in our own mother tongue also. For example, in Gujarati “ananas” is a fruit name (pineapple) and the same word for fruit exists in the French language with a little difference of pronunciation. Aha! I just can’t describe my happiness when I learn this resemblance.

Truly, learning a language is certainly like diving into an ocean. It’s like discovering the other part of the world with panoramic view sitting at our own home. Such a small world, isn’t it?

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